August 10, 2012


For sale today is a VINTAGE (possibly an antique) CLEAR GLASS ROLLING PIN or a baker's kitchen baking DOUGH ROLLER with WOOD WODEN screw-in handle. Its not only functional, but its also decorative! The removable screwed-in handle can be easily removed which you can fill the glass with colorful variety of items like beans, buttons, green beans which will you can decorate your home with, the best part is you can fill it with whaever colorful items that fits in the glass and you can replace the contents at anytime for decoration! This is an actual old rolling pins from centuries old, possibly an antique, so not only is it decorative but functional as well. In great condition, preowned, the glass is in great condition and looks great only one of the lip in the glass has chip at the ends, but hard to notice and item still work. The glass has an embossed markings that says SILVERS in one end, and BROOKLYN on the other end of the glass. The removable wooden handle is also in great shape, no molds, no black spots even after centuries. The actual measurement of this item is 20-1/2 inches long including the handle, and 3 inches glass diameter with hollow inside, which you can fill with little decors with. So this must be from New York area way back when, during the old days. Browse below for plenty of photos (16 photos!) of actual item, we provide PLENTY of PHOTOS for this item.
NOTE: This ITEM is SOLD. We sell more VINTAGE and ANTIQUE Collectibles at

NOTE: This ITEM is SOLD. We sell more VINTAGE and ANTIQUE Collectibles at

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