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November 12, 2007

Checkout Our Online Store

Currently our online store is

You have more ways than one to get updated with our store updates and new arrivals, you can either Follow This Blog, go to our Google Plus page, Facebook page and click LIKE, or go to our store and sign-up for our free newsletter and store updates.

October 10, 2007

Just finished re-designing our original online store, The store been empty for months after the initial imported tropical products that we carried in the store. The store is completely re-designed with plenty of new products added already.

Check out our re-designed online store today at

February 23, 2007

Welcome To TropicalFeel

Hi, my name is Jazevox, I am the managing person of TropicalFeel stores in different online venues and the TropicalFeel blog (this site). TropicalFeel has been operating and running since 2003, so please feel free to buy with confidence, we are committed to delivering products as promised in our listings, and we deliver them to you with care.

I just want to welcome all our loyal customers, new buyers, and visitors of our TropicalFeel Blog and Stores. Feel free to leave comments in this blog. We will be happy to hear from you. We welcome feedbacks, comments, suggestions, or about our products.

To start shopping, click the BuyItNow buttons in several of the postings here in our blog. We have more inventories available at

IMPORTANT: Please do not download or copy any photos posted in this blog.